Loan Execution Support

EMFC Loan Syndications assists companies seeking to raise bank debt

We act as an additional ‘in-house’ resource, project managing the loan-raising process

on behalf of time-constrained finance teams.

Be it a small bilateral or a large syndication, raising loan finance is a highly disruptive process to senior management. EMFC simply provides an extra pair of hands, dedicated to assist during the three, four or even six months that it takes to put a loan financing in place.

EMFC is not a broker - we are a hands-on resource that facilitates the preparation for and execution of loan facilities. We are able to 'project manage' the entire loan process from start to finish and are therefore complementary to lenders. Our support typically commences 4 to 6 weeks prior to any lender being approached and continues through to successful close.

EMFC’s team comprises highly skilled, loan-specialists, with extensive banking background and expertise in financing a variety of industry sectors. With several years experience in raising loans we have originated, structured, executed and syndicated loan financings ranging from simple bespoke bilaterals to complex multi-billion dollar syndications.

We are sector agnostic and focus primarily on emerging markets