Loan Execution Support

Raising loan finance is a highly disruptive process to CFOs and their finance teams. EMFC helps corporates save time by:

  • helping build a finance plan that supports the funding need
  • project managing the day-to-day tasks associated with the loan raising
  • proactively exploring potential pockets of liquidity
  • devising and negotiating loan structures to achieve a successful financing

Prior to Approaching Lender(s)

  • 1. Due Diligence & Modelling
    Ensure financial model is bankable
  • 2. Options Review
    Assess appropriate structures & loan types
  • 3. Lender Selection
    Assess market liquidity & lender appetite
  • 4. Information Memorandum
    Cover 90% of lender information needs

Project Managing the Lender(s)

  • 5. Lender Due Diligence
    Structure detailed due diligence programme
  • 6. Structuring & Negotiation
    Agree pricing, covenants and other terms
  • 7. Credit Approval
    Assist lender(s) with additional info needs
  • 8. Documentation
    Ensure efficient execution of the financing