Mobile health continues to be praised for its potential to significantly reduce healthcare costs. Yet, to enable this opportunity to succeed on a large scale, Western governments, regulators and healthcare providers have needed to work together with mobile operators and value added service providers engaged in the m-Health ecosystem; only with collaboration along the entire value chain is the wide-spread adoption of m-Health services expected to succeed.

Ask any CFO to describe their past experience of putting in place a syndicated loan financing and the answer will inevitably be ‘excruciatingly painful’ but a ‘necessary evil.’ Bankers lend every day, all day long. Corporates tap into the loan market on average once every 3 years. The odds will always be in favour of the lenders, yet it doesn’t need to be so.

Essentially conservative in nature, telecom operators make steady cashflows from a heavy reliance on voice and messaging, including data. Some telcos admit they have a poor track record in successfully deploying new value added services. For many the cloud presents an attractive proposition, with new services that offer the opportunity to stem voice revenue declines and competition from Over-The-Top players.

Long the envy of their peers, telecoms financiers have worked in one of the most exciting industries of the finance world. With the exception of some hiccups here and there, they have been involved in some of the most lucrative transactions of the past 15 years. They have amassed a wealth of knowledge on innovative structures beyond mere leveraged deals...