Services to Borrowers

Loan Execution Support

Raising loan finance is a highly disruptive process to CFOs and their finance teams. EMFC helps borrowers save time by:

  • expertly articulating your business plan to support the new funding need
  • project managing the day-to-day tasks associated with the loan raising
  • proactively tapping into all available pockets of liquidity
  • exploring innovative loan structures to achieve a successful financing

EMFC is a complementary resource to your appointed financial advisers (if any). We ensure fast and streamlined lender due diligence and we guarantee an expedited credit approval process and loan’s first drawdown.

Prior to Approaching Lender(s)

  • 1. Due Diligence & Modelling
    Ensure financial model is bankable
  • 2. Options Review
    Assess appropriate structures & loan types
  • 3. Lender Selection
    Assess market liquidity & lender appetite
  • 4. Information Memorandum
    Cover 90% of lender information needs

Project Managing the Lender(s)

  • 5. Lender Due Diligence
    Structure detailed due diligence programme
  • 6. Structuring & Negotiation
    Agree pricing, covenants and other terms
  • 7. Credit Approval
    Assist lender(s) with additional info needs
  • 8. Documentation
    Ensure efficient execution of the financing