Services to Lenders

Loan Execution Support

‘Slow-to-respond’ companies cause deal fatigue and bottle-necks for busy credit teams. EMFC helps lenders save time by:

  • building a detailed financial model to the highest standard
  • creating the deal data room according to your specifications
  • collecting all due diligence material to expedite your credit process
  • delivering a top-quality Information Memorandum, even for the smallest loan

EMFC is a complementary resource to your deal team. We ensure fast-delivery of top-quality information from the borrower, allowing your credit team to focus on their analysis and your investment professionals to focus on the next loan opportunity.

4-Week Process

  • 1. External Due Diligence
    1 week external (market) data gathering
  • 2. Internal Due Diligence
    1 week with borrower’s management
  • 3. Financial Modelling
    Excel model built to your specifications
  • 4. Information Memorandum
    Detailed ~100-page IM written per deal

EMFC Deliverables

  • 1. Deal Data Room
    Populated with all deal DD & KYC info
  • 2. Deal Financial Model
    Including full functionality for sensitivities
  • 3. Information Memorandum
    Can be used internally or for syndication
  • 4. All Back up Materials
    Equity research reports & benchmarking

As for legal fees or other due diligence fees, EMFC’s remuneration is always covered (reimbursed) by the borrower.